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Immersion Suits

life saving application

VIKING offers a wide range of immersion and constant wear suits with a choice of materials and features for all needs

Our PU and Neoprene immersion suits are state of the art with superior functionality, durability and comfort. Neoprene immersion suits in stretchable, flame retardant 5 mm neoprene are offered in several models fulfilling the latest safety requirements.

Important information regarding hypothermia

Hypothermia occurs when the body's temperature drops below normal, specifically when the core temperature drops below 35 degrees Celsius (95° F). As the temperature drops, there is a gradual reduction in muscle coordination and movement. Consciousness is reduced and a loss of consciousness can occur when the body's core temperature drops to approx. 30-32 degrees Celsius (86-90° F).

How immersion suits work

The insulation in an immersion suit works by locking air and radiant body heat in the suit. The better the insulation, the higher the immersed CLO value. This is important as higher immersed CLO values indicate more efficient heat maintenance, which helps prevent hypothermia and can extend survival time in the water. All VIKING suits are specially designed to maximize protection against hypothermia.

VIKING SOLAS immersion suits have a minimum immersed CLO value of 0.75 with a documented protection level of 6 hours in 0° cold water. Some of our suits have higher immersed CLO values, providing even greater protection.

Water temp. Fahrenheit Water temp. Celsius Reduced or loss of consciousness Expected survial time*
32.5 0 < 15 min < 15-45 min
32.5-40 0.5 15-30 min < 15-45 min
40-50 5-10 30-60 min < 30-90 min
50-60 10-15 1-2 Hours < 1-3 hours
60-70 15-21 2-7 hours < 2-40 hours
70-80 21-27 3-12 hours < 3 hours indefinate
Over 80 Over 27 Indefinate
*time range is due to individual weight and size differences
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