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Spark Arrestors

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Spark Arrestors are designed to work on most popular Davy's Principal to give efficient heat transfer system and Spark Extinguishing trap.
Designed for Spark Cracking & Extinguishing purpose. Designed for quick installation and reuse by any unskilled person or cleaner of Tanker / Truck /Bullet Vehicle or any vehicle. Designed to suit any vehicle exhaust pipe. Designed with double shielded Stainless Steel strong wire mesh trap to give foolproof protection against spark, this is our speciality.
Light weight but very sturdy construction. Models available with Baffle or built-in cooling fan type on request. Spark Arresters are available for any vehicle like Car, Jeep, Fork Lift Tractor, Trailer, Truck/Tanker, 3 Wheeler Tempo, Diesel Generators. Clamping Key is magic way of tightening, Spanners and Chains are barred, no dirty look of binding wires etc.
Four coats of colour ensures rust protection. Colour coded Spark Arresters are easy to recognize from distance. It is worth trying, after all risk of fire is not economical at all. Just try once, you will enjoy and feel the excellency of Spark Arrester.

Spark Arrestor- Exhaust O.D of vehicles

1.Auto Rikshaw- 22mm

2.Small Car- FIAT, Ambassador, Maruti-800 etc.-1 1/4" to 1 1/2"

3.Big Car-Indica, Cielo, Indigo, Maruti-1000 etc. 40mm to 43mm

4.Jeep.Trax, Sumo, Bolero, Scrorpio etc -45mm

5.Tractor, Fork Lift-44mm

6.Four Wheel Tempo- 2"[50mm]

7.Four Wheel Tempo- 2 1/4[58mm]

8.Std. Truck/Tanker- 2 1/2" [63mm]

9.Big Truck/Tanker- 2 3/4"[70mm]

10.Big Truck- 3"[76mm]

11.Big Truck-3 1/4"[83mm]

12.Big Truck- 3 1/2"[89mm]

13.Big Truck- 3 5/8" [92mm]

14.Big Truck- 3 3/4"[96mm]

15.Big Truck- 4"[100- 102mm]

16.Diesel Generating Set

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