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Evotech Harnesses

For the latest design features that improve user comfort, ease of use, durability, and user safety, choose the EVOTECH® Harness. The EVOTECH harness has Nanosphere® coating on the webbing that repels grease, dirt & moisture.

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EVOTECH® Standard Full Body Harness

  •   EVOTECH Construction Harness features integral back pad and tool belt with dual-durometer padding for superior comfort in work positioning applications.
  •   EVOTECH Tower Harness option with comfort seat makes longer work periods more comfortable.
  •   EVOTECH Derrick Harness option includes comfort seat in metal or web and an integral back D-ring extender for work on a monkey board.
  •   Patent-pending leg strap design keeps leg straps in place, increasing mobility and comfort
  •   No binding edge on shoulder padding prevents neck chafing
  •   Sub-Pelvic Strap with patented variable width webbing provides 50% more surface area for improved weight distribution and improves comfort
  •   Dual-color webbing promotes easy identification of twisted webbing
  •   Patent-pending web management system provides means of storing excess webbing
  •   NanoSphere® coating on webbing repels dirt, grease, moisture, etc.
  •   ective webbing integrated into harness webbing increases visibility in low-light environment

EVOTECH® Arc Flash Full Body Harness

  •   Harness is lighter — by more than 1 lb — than comparable harnesses
  •   Non-binding edge shoulder padding prevents neck chafing
  •   100% Kevlar webbing is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing
  •   Reflectivity on shoulder padding provides increased visibility in low-light applications
  •   Patent-pending horizontal leg straps stay in place, providing more mobility and comfort
  •   RFID capability
  •   Arc Flash symbol for easy identification

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