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BeamGlide™ Trolley Anchorage Connector

BeamGlide Trolley Anchorage Connector

he BeamGlide™ Trolley is a moveable anchorage that is suitable for supporting either personnel or material. It consists of a carriage with four (4) wheels containing anti-friction bearings which are connected to aluminum housings and to a steel cross bar. The cross bar provides an anchorage point for attaching material handling or fall protection equipment. The trolley can be positioned anywhere along an overhead beam to provide mobility in a horizontal direction. It is designed to fit the support beam which is specified by the user.

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  •   Sizing to fit all beams
  •   Keeps the anchorage connector directly overhead
  •   Easy mobility with a maximum personnel working load of 310 lbs (141 kg) and a maximum material working load of 620 lbs (282kg)
  •  10176450