Series 47 K

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Series 47 K

Designed to detect flammable gas or vapor, the stainless steel Series 47K gas sensors offer a cost-effective way to detect hazards in the air. The sensors come in poison resistant, standard and high-temperature versions, and have three- or five-wire connection.

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  •  Standard (ST), Poison Resistant (PRP) and High Temperature (HT) versions
  •   Suitable for use in safety related systems (ATEX 94/9/EC)
  •  3, 4 or 5 wire connection
  •  Stainless steel sensor body
  •  Complete range of accessories
  •  Fast response time
  •  Excellent performance cost ratio
  •  Safety Integrity Level – SIL 2

1. S47K-HT, Sensor, St.St 316, 3/4NPT

2. S47K-PRP, Detector, St.St., 3/4NPT

3. S47K-ST, Det.,3/4"NPT, MSA Hous., screw