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Covid Essential PPE's

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Coronavirus Pandemic

We at TOBIT ENGINEERS is focused on working with the government and authorized distributors to supply PPE to healthcare providers, first responders, and other essential workers, including providing support to industrial customers as the economy continues to open.

Disposable Face Masks

Introducing the Select Series of flat fold Disposable Face Masks!

With a range of FFP1 and FFP2 models, Select Series is the ideal choice for use upto 12 hours (cumulative) in varied industries. These Face Masks are most suited for different applications in daily activities. They are duly certified as per IS 9473:2002 / NIOSH / CE

RF 01

RF 01 +

RFH 01

RFH 01 +

RFH 02

RFH 02 +

Drager X-plore 1700 Niosh

Drager X-plore 1300 Niosh

Medical Face shield

Safety Goggles Against Biochemical Splashes

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

Kimtech Pure M3 Sterile Face Mask With Soft ties 7 Pleat

Kimtech Pure M3 face mask with Two knitted Headbands - Pouch Style

Vega Kavach Face Shield, face protection shield, full face protection

FaceGard by Saint-Gobain

3M 9004 In Particulate Respirator, White, Pack of 10

3M Safety Personal Protective Equipment Particulate Mask Respirater 8210, N95, Smoke, Dust, Grinding

3M 9332 N99 Pollution Mask Aura (White)

W95 Outdoor Respirator - Pointel Grey

3M 9000ING N95 Mask (Grey)

Honeywell N95 Nioh Certified Disposable Respirator (White, Filter Efficiency 95%) for Unisex

Blue Disposable face mask | Protective 3 ply Breathable

Honeywell N95 Particulate Respirators

TE2010 PPE Kit ( Covid / Hygiene Personal Protection Kit )

TE3010 PPE Kit ( Covid / Hygiene Personal Protection Kit )

Laboratory Gloves

Laboratory Gloves / Single Use Gloves ; At Tobit we offer the vital, all-round protection and comfort needed in labs; total protection for the scientist / Laboratory staff and the science.

34155 Kimtech Science Kimwipes Task Wipers

Kimtech Pure* W4 Cleanroom Wipers PreSat Sterile Wipers

Kimtech Pure W4 Wipers

Nitrile Gloves Synthetic Gloves

Protective Clothing

From cleanrooms to chemical plants, we meet your requirements for superior, comfortable and durable protective clothing.Protect against limited chemical splash and mist, as well as particles, with Disposable Coveralls. Silicone free.

Chemical Protective Coverall

Protect against aqueous chemical and jet spray with the A70 Chemical Permeation & spray Protection Coverall


KIMTECH* Wipers range from Cleanroom Wipers to Laboratory Wipers. They offer precision performance for scientific environments.

Kimberly Clark Hand Sanitizer Gel

Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and illness with our KLEENEX® Moisturising Alcohol and waterless Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel

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